Interested parties please submit an online application ;

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If you have the following qualities:

I declare that all information given in this application for employment is true and authorize the Watami (China) Co.,Ltd. to retain the information for record and make proper use of the information within the company. I understand that a false statement or the willful withholding of information may be grounds for my immediate discharge from employment without any compensation. If my application is not successful, I would like to authorize the Watami (China) Co., Ltd. to keep my application for the next three months.
  • Eager to work in catering industry;

  • Interested in Japanese culture;

  • Positive work attitude, dedicated to your career, customer-oriented;

Act and join us now!

Full Time Position:


•Kitchen Trainee

•Senior Server

•Senior Chef


•Kitchen Leader


Part Time/ Semi-full Position:


•Kitchen Trainee

•Helper (Logistic)

•Kitchen Helper